Seller's Guide


Closing Checklist for Sellers

From endless packing boxes to final walkthroughs, there are a lot of moving parts to keep track of when selling your home. To ensure a smooth move, we've prepared a list of helpful tips:


-Save all real estate documents - printed and digital copies - seller disclosures, purchase contract, addendums, and final closing paperwork.
-Update your forwarding address and create a USPS online account so you can review and be notified of forwarded mail.
-Notify your banks, insurance, and subscription services (monthly and annual), with your new change of address.
-Share any appliance manuals, warranties, or information about the house that would be helpful for new owners.
-Take pictures of valuable belongings, number boxes and record contents prior to moving or shipping.
-Once you have moved all personal belongings, hire a professional cleaning service.
-Schedule your utilities and other services to cancel or transfer on the day of closing.
-During final walk-through, check all cabinets and storage for personal items, keep a photo record of your homes condition.
-Cancel and update your homeowners insurance once your deed has been officially recorded.
-Leave all house keys, mailbox keys, garage door openers, fan remotes where the new buyers can easily find them.
-Before you leave, turn off all lights, and lock the windows and doors.

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